I'm learning to use a sewing machine, and it's exciting! I like to share about my adventures in sewing, and show anyone who’s interested how my projects turn out. I'm a self taught novice and I appreciate instruction and encouragement from those with more sewing experience.

Sewing is not the only crafty thing I do. For instance, I am an avid friendship bracelet maker, and for some reason I can't stop making envelopes out of everything I can get my hands on. (p.s. I love mail!)

Okay, and I cook and I bake too. Yum!

Happy Carafting!

I normally don’t post non-crafting related things to this blog, but tonight I’m going to. In case you’re ever curious about what I do when I’m not sewing, I am an astronomy student (ah, more or less). So I do astronomy things. Tonight I’m observing with the Astronomy Club. We’re using the 12 meter radio telescope on Kitt Peak. For. Does this explain my blog backdrop? 10 points to anyone who knows what that picture (backdrop) is called.

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